Our goal isn’t to be the largest gym around, but to make sure that ALL of our athletes are achieving their fitness and health-related goals.Our CrossFit gym takes an active interest in each and every athlete whether they are the fastest, strongest athlete in the gym or the brand new member just working out for the first time. We want all of our members to get fit and stay that way for the rest of their lives.


workout of the day

CrossFit Rise Above - CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

:30 Seconds
Push-up to Down Dog
Active Samson
Active Spidermans
Air Squats

Barbell Warmup + Crossover Symmetry
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Presses
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

If you have Crossover Symmetry, pair up athletes, with one on the barbell and one on the bands. Switch upon completion. To streamline, have athletes on Crossover Symmetry complete 5 reps of each movement as well.


Warm-up (No Measure)

Bench Press
Hands should start just outside the shoulders. Narrow grip utilizes mostly triceps while a wide grip puts the shoulder in a more susceptible position for injury. Wrapping the thumb all the way around the bar also creates the safest position possible, especially when holding onto the bar for maximum repetitions.

Think about maintaining proper standing posture, just laying on a bench. Pinching the shoulder blades back places the rear deltoids on the bench and the shoulders back in the socket, creating a stable platform. This is a safer and more stable position for the athletes to press from.

The feet are often overlooked in the bench press. Pressing the feet into the ground while thinking about spreading the floor keeps the whole body active and helps generate added power into the press.

Movement Prep
10 Empty Bar Bench Press

Build to Lighter Weight

Strict Pull-up
Hollow Body
Looking to maintain a hollow body as much as possible today. Keeping the toes slightly in front of the bar keeps the body in a better position for pulling. While the "seahorse" pull-up arches the back and gets the chin to the bar easier, it does not help develop strength in a good position.

Movement Prep
10 Scap Pull-ups
1-3 Strict Pull-ups

Movement Substitutions
Banded Strict Pull-ups
Ring Rows


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

"Strict Lynne"
5 Rounds:
Max Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 3 Minutes Between

In a strict variation of the CrossFit benchmark workout "Lynne", we are looking to focus on pure upper body pressing and pulling strength. While the workout calls for bodyweight bench press and strict pull-ups, picking movements athletes could do 12-15 repetitions when fresh will allow them to get the most out of this workout. After they complete as many bench press reps as they can, they will immediately move to the pull-up bar for max repetitions before resting three minutes. The rest is just as important as the work, as it gives athletes time to recover so they can maximize their scores each round. Each round scored separately as bench press and pull-up repetitions.

With three minutes of rest between each round, not looking to game this workout too much. What is more important that actual strategy during this workout is making sure that athletes have chosen a proper weight and pull-up modification to get the right stimulus. This three minute rest also allows for athletes to pair up on a bench so that they may spot each other. Everyone should have a spotter, but If someone doesn’t for some reason, making sure the bar doesn’t have any clips on will make for a safe bail of the weights.