2012 Blood Sweat and Fears Results…

The Events

With Hurricane Sandy sitting a couple of hundred miles due east of Melbourne churning up the seas and the winds Saturday morning, a group of hearty souls braved the elements to come out and participate in the First Annual Blood, Sweat, and Fears Fundraiser.

The field was split with 13 competitors in the Blood, Sweat and Fears FUN RUN and 22 competitors in the CrossFit BloodRaiser. Our event staff and volunteers had set up the fundraiser so that both events would start simultaneously with the Run group kicking off from Mathers Street and Guava and the CrossFit group starting their competition inside CrossFit Rise Above. The race started out with a Tropical Storm Warning in effect and the winds wipping up to 20 MPH at times. Luckily for the majority of both courses the winds were at the competitors backs but it still added a nice element that folks couldn’t plan for.



The BSF Run course was a 2 loop 1.5 mile course through the north end of Eau Gallie. To compete for the prizes the competitors had to complete 25 Burpees, then run the 1.5 mile course, complete 25 more Burpees and finish with a second 1.5 mile loop. The option was given to skip the Burpees, but everyone of the runners went at them. When the race was started I’ve never seen so many smiles at a run race as when they set to the Burpees, the number of smiles had diminished a bit on the second loop, but the general concensus after the race was that it was fun having a bit of a curve ball thrown into the mix. There were some solid three mile times put down with Melbourne’s own ultra runner, and crazy distance man Matt Mahoney taking the lead early on in the men’s division and finishing with a great time of 27:25. Becca Marsden who had come all the way from Massachusetts and had been on the Up & Running Team back in the day finished hot on his heals with a time of 28:56 to take the women’s first place. Local Jeff Simpson took 2nd male with 29:15 and our own recent Foundations graduate Brittany Knight took 2nd Female at 30:20.


BLOOD RAISER CrossFit Competition

The BloodRaiser was designed along the lines of Murph with two 1 mile loops preceded and broken up in the middle with 3 movements. Competitors were placed into heats and started in waves, with a total of three waves being run followed by a smaller wave consisting of coaches and volunteers at the end of the other waves. The event consisted of the following:

25 Pull-ups
25 Thrusters (95/65)
25 Deadlifts (95/65)

1 Mile Run

25 Sumo-Deadlift High-Pulls(70/45)
25 Kettle Bell Swings (70/45)
25 Burpees

1 Mile Run

In the first wave “Bodyweight” Dave Bills jumped out to an early lead out of the box, followed by the pugilist Dustin Holman. The BloodRaiser’s Kettlebell Couplet seemed to be crusher on the course. After the first mile run, the 70lbers loomed large for most of the entrants. Working the Kettle Bell area with Firefighter Steve, I heard more than a few scary comments regarding the big lumps of iron. Due to the multiple heats in the Blood Raiser most of the runners from the run event were done before the CrossFit event and they came down to cheer on the remaining CrossFitters on course. At the end of the first three waves Dave Bills was in the lead with a time of 27:35 followed by Charlie Staples at 28:03 in the male division, and Lindsay Greer led the Female Scaled with 30:52 with Kristin Donoghue behind her at 34:56 Scaled.

The last wave consisted of Volunteers and Coaches and really got everyone’s blood pumping. Firefighter Steve was the first out of the box after the Bar Couplet with Ken and Adrian hot on his heels. The girls were neck and neck with Kristin “Superstar” Diederich coming first out of the roll-up and using her run/tri back-ground to put distance between her and the others. All the other competitors and volunteers were going crazy at that point gathered around the gym and just outside screaming their heads off!

In the end Firefighter Steve Vallante took first with a time of 27:30 just edging out Dave Bills who placed second with a time of 27:35. Superstar kept her lead for a time of 30:24 RX followed by Linzi Richer at 34:24 RX.


In the end the event was a huge success especially with Mother Nature throwing curves our way and keeping a majority of people away. Of the folks that did show up we had runners triathletes and CrossFitters all mixing and mingling and by the end of it downing adult beverages and having a good ole time. Throughout the whole process we managed to race $1600 for our local Team in Training Team and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Thanks to everyone that braved the weather to show up and compete, or volunteer, or both!

After the races everyone hung out, with a lot of the runners playing around with some of our “toys” after the competition. I even saw Matt Mahoney pulling multiple Pull-ups and tossing the 45lb Kettle bells around. I had a chance to speak briefly with him about his running and training, in addition to his long runs he’s a believer in fast runs with him stating (and I apologize if I don’t get it word for word Matt) “you gotta go fast to be fast!” this coming from a man that has run MULTIPLE 100 milers. He also gets in the gym(not ours unfortunatly)  for a strength routine 2-3 times a week. Although I did notice him smiling at the Kettle-Bells after the race.

Matt if you ever have 3-10 minutes for a workout in between your 48 hour runs I have a young lady named “Fran” I’d love to introduce you too.



1. Matt Mahoney 27:25
2. Becca Marsden 28:56
3. Jeff Simpson 29:15
4. Brian Fontenot 29:37
5. Brittany Knight 30:20
6. Michael Scipioni 30:21
7. Ana McQuery 31:48
8. Kevin Gray 32:57
9. Candy Fontenot 33:10
10. Katie Byrnes 34:07
11 Carol Connolly 34:07
12 Scarlett Hays 35:27
13. Bryan Cain 41:04



1. Steve Vallante 27:30
2. Dave Bills 27:35
3. Charlie Staples 28:03
4. Collin Davidson 31:56
5. Dustin Holman 32:23
6. Andrew Sanders 35:26
7. Will Mudge 32:35
8. David Epting 36:52
9. John Rust 40:41


1. Kristin Diederich 30:24
2. Linzi Richer 34:25


1. Chuck Justice 35:27
2. Taylor Rassmann 42:15


1.Lindsay Greer 30:52
2. Kristin Donoghue 34:56
3. Caitlin Sendler 35:32
4. Lisa Davidson 35:46
5. Kelly Swindell 35:48
6. Marissa Rust 36:12
7. Catie rossetti 36:29
8. Shannon Justice 38:21
9. Mariah Justice 38:45
10. Xanthe Johnson 40:00
11. Julene Irwin 45:15


  1. Matt Mahoney
    Matt MahoneyNovember 1, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Nice write up. I posted a link to the results here: http://mattmahoney.net/scr/index.html

    And I’m sure Fran is a nice lady, but I’m not sure I want to meet her 🙂

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