CrossFit Rise Above – CrossFit


2 Minute Run/Bike/Row

Active Spiderman + Push-Up to Down Dog

1 Minute Run/Bike/Row

Samson Stretch

10 Burpees

Crossover Symmetry (8 Reps)


Reverse Fly

Pull Down


3 Position Power Clean and Split Jerk

Build to a Heavy Complex

The three positions are from the pockets, one inch above the knee, and the floor.

Pairing up in small groups, athletes will have 15 minutes to build to a “heavy” complex. The limiting factor for most will likely be the split jerk. When building in weight, we can take into account maintaining quality split jerks, not just cleans. While building in weight is an option, athletes may stay at a load that they feel comfortable working on sound technique as well.


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Turkish-Get Ups (45/25): 3 rounds x 2 Minute AMRAP (2 minute rest/round)
Complete as many Turkish Get Ups in each 2 minute set switching arms each rep. Rest 2 Minutes between rounds. Rx Weight is 45/25, but it should be something you can complete 2 minutes without stopping. Rx+ is an option if you need an extra challenge!

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