CrossFit Rise Above – CrossFit


1 Minute:

Run/Row/Bike 1 Minute

Active Spiderman

Run/Row/Bike 1 Minute

Samson Stretch

Run/Row/Bike 1 Minute

Crossover Symmetry (8 Reps Each)


Reverse Fly

Pull Down


Metcon (Weight)

12 Minute EMOM:

Even: 30second RKC Plank

Odd: 6 Pendlay Rows
Planks should be at full tension (squeeze every muscle in your body).

The Pendlay Row is an explosive pull from the ground. Load this up heavy, but not so heavy you have to lift your torso to get the bar off the ground. Log your weight on the row.


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

400m Run

5 Man Makers (50/35)
Man Maker= 1 Push-Up+2 Rows+1 Squat Clean Thruster

Slow down the reps a bit on the Man Maker. People often try to cruise through them like burpees, but this jacks the heart rate up. Slowing it down and breathing through the movement will allow you to link the reps better and push through the workout without stopping.

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