Our specialty classes designed to
strengthen and mobilize endurance athletes

Our Strength for Runners program is specifically designed for those endurance athletes that are looking to up their game in their chosen sport. Runners, cyclists, and to a lesser degree swimmers are all prone to repetitive motion injuries that happen due to the nature of the specificity of training for their chosen sport. Stress fractures, meniscus tears, banged up knees and ankles don’t have to be the accepted result of traditional training methods for endurance athletes. Supplemental strengthening and mobilization of the joints involved can and will go a long way towards injury prevention as well as faster times in your chosen competitive arena.

CrossFit Rise Above is unique among all the local CrossFit gyms in that we have a solid foundation within the endurance community. Our owners and trainers have come out of the local triathlon community, hold certifications with both United States Track and Field and Road Runners of America, and regularly coach and instruct top local athletes within the endurance community. The Head Coach of our Strength for Runners program is also the Head Coach of Up and Running Fitness. She regularly instructs upwards of 60 running athletes in technique, programming, and injury prevention.

Strength for Runners workouts occur 3 times a week:

Saturday 7-8 AM
Tuesday 5:30-6:30 PM
Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM

The focus of each training session is on strengthening the primary leg and core muscles engaged during running and cycling, as well as the all important ancillary muscles that are typically overlooked by most endurance athletes but vital in preventing injury and increasing speed.


per month

3 classes per week

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