We’ve brought over 500 athletes through our Foundations course in the over three years that we’ve been open and it’s because of our commitment to training athletes correctly at the beginning of their CrossFit journey that so many have found success with us. The Foundations course is a 6 class program where you will be paired with a certified instructor for 6 sessions in which basic body mechanics and the core movements that we use in our group classes will be covered in depth. The focus of our Foundations is on the key movements, basic forms, and techniques which will build up to full CrossFit intensity. The course will also serve to introduce new athletes to the core concepts of CrossFit and begin to build the basic adaptations of your body in preparation of joining the normal classes. Foundations is open to all ages and level of fitness, and is lead by one of our CrossFit certified coaches.

After completing foundations you, the athlete, will:

  • Be comfortable handling the different equipment found within the gym.
  • Be knowledgeable of basic barbell movements and common practices.
  • Be familiar with the CrossFit class environment.
  • Have met other athletes and instructors within our gym and understand the community we have here.
  • Understand that CrossFit is the right fit for you – no matter your current fitness level.
  • Be PRIMED and PUMPED to start your CrossFit journey!

$300 per person (individual)
$200 per personĀ (groups of 2 to 3)

Here at CrossFit Rise Above, we firmly believe that each athlete should receive dedicated one-on-one attention to ensure that any
deficiencies in mobility, flexibility, or conditioning are addressed PRIOR to being placed into a group setting. Each member should have at leastĀ one coach that is familiar with their movements, goals, and athletic ability in order to ensure that that member is getting the most from the CrossFit program. We want motivated people willing to make a change in their lives!

Monthly Fees


month to month

$6.00 / class based on attending
25/month w/ 6 days off a month

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3 month commitment

$5.60 / class based on attending
25/month w/ 6 days off a month

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6 month commitment

$5.20 / class based on attending
25/month w/ 6 days off a month

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Punch Card

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