Getting Started

How to get started with CrossFit Rise Above

So you’ve heard all the great things about CrossFit and finally wanted to check it out. Well we’re glad you did. Before I get into the nitty gritty about how you go about joining us, I just wanted to point a couple of things out first. CrossFit Rise Above has evolved into a community of great people each trying to make themselves, and each other more physically fit than they’ve ever been before. CrossFit is HARD there’s no two ways about it. However, it is also scalable. What I mean by that is that for each exercise, workout, and routine that we do in CrossFit there is a way to modify it so that it is safe and effective for each individual. That last part is KEY to participating and enjoying CrossFit over the long haul. When we bring a member into our fold now we make sure that we spend the necessary time up front, one-on-one with that member to make sure that the mobility, flexibility, and conditioning necessary for the implementation of CrossFit is present within that member. We spend personal time with each member teaching technical proficiency and modifications if necessary for each member. Our members range from 22 year old competitive athletes to physicians to grandmothers just wanting to ensure their quality of life.We know we’re not for everyone. If you’re just looking for a group routine you can jump right into perhaps you should check out aerobics, yoga, Pilates or any other number of group based exercise classes. With us there is an initial time investment required on your part to ensure the best possible results. If you’re still interested I should also warn you…


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